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We Create Market Leaders

300m specializes in developing strategic marketing programs for companies driven to become market leaders.
A market leader understands positioning and sales
A Market Leader understands sales and positioning
  • Clear positioning allows consumers to understand the role of the product or service in their everyday lives, and have both an emotional and rational connection to the brand.
  • Sales from a core targeted group of customers are maximized, and moderately engaged target groups are on the verge of moving into the engagement cycle with the product or service.
A market leader engages consumers and understands the target market
A Market Leader engages consumers and target markets
  • The company has a vibrant and robust social media marketing program and community of engaged consumers and prospects.
  • Best practices are followed in the execution of all marketing programs, ranging from paid advertising, whether traditional or digital, and any other pipeline of information to the consumer or target prospect.
  • The product or service can command full retail price because consumers know the features, advantages and benefits are a bundled package that provide outstanding value compared to competitive offerings.
A market leader consciously aims to achieve new goals internally and externally
A Market Leader understands the importance of achieving goals
  • If the company is number one in terms of market share in its particular industry, it is continuously innovating product design, distribution and promotion.
  • If the company is in any position other than number one in market share, it is continuously introducing programs and innovations that attack the market leader in terms of positioning, communications, distribution, and product enhancement.

In a time of specialization 300m stands for consummate brand communications expertise, responsive to the increasing demands of today’s hyper-competitive global market, regardless of the medium. Why? Because no single medium tells your whole multi-dimensional, multifaceted brand story. From strategy to launch to measurement—and anything that comes next, we make everything work together to not only meet our clients’ goals but to exceed them.

Marketing research can be as simple as an in-house immersion analysis of the client’s business, competition, consumer, and industry via management and staff interviews, literature and web searches. Or as extensive as primary research conducted via focus groups, online surveys, one-on-one interviews and other methodologies. Our team will determine the best research approach for your business to accelerate the probability and magnitude of success.
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Short of reading consumers’ and competitors’ minds, without a strategy you might not be allocating your resources effectively. The right marketing strategy based on research and actionable insights can take advantage of preconceived notions, educate to new thinking, and influence buyer behavior. Let us work with you to create a smart and effective marketing and communications plan. We help you nail down market segments, positioning, marketing mix, and develop strategies that will sharpen your selling proposition and your sales. For example, 300m’s strategy development helped Ensure medical nutritional gain 23 share of market points over an 18-month period to move into first place in the category, helped Stanley Steemer Carpet Cleaner double their Internet sales, and helped Eagle Crusher move from 8th in U.S. equipment sales to 1st place.
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The synergy of a comprehensive brand identity program can be the difference between success or failure. To insure success we undertake a structured process for naming products and creating logos and identities that leads to the rise of great and memorable brands. At 300m, designers, writers, artists, and strategists work with client management to identify position, competitive/comparative advantages, brand leverage points, purchase trigger points, and any barriers to selling the product or service, all to bring your brand to life.
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Whether it’s a targeted landing page, a brochure-like simple site, or an e-commerce site, digital technology makes it easier for your customers and prospects to engage or disengage with you. We’ll help you connect with your audience, work with you to establish a benchmark for measuring project success, and craft an online marketing strategy. Then, we’ll develop compelling yet engaging content, design and build the site, test, revise and take the site live. Our experience includes creating sites of a few pages to comprehensive e-commerce channels of distribution generating up to $90 million per year. You see, it’s not just all about looking good—it’s about combining research, experience, strategy, insights, and best practices with talented designers to craft interactive communications that resonate with consumers … all to position the brand to sell more product. Contact Us
Powerful messages reaching lots of targeted consumers. That’s what these mediums deliver. The difference with 300m is that we do it on a reasonable budget, in a reasonable timeframe, and add unique and Innovative strategies that resonate with the consumer, helping to increase your share and sales numbers, regardless of the medium. We have extensive experience in producing commercials that spark consumers into action, drive them to your website, motivates them to buy more product, in all mass media:
  • Television
  • Radio
  • Newspaper
  • Magazine
  • Outdoor
  • Online

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With the right execution and timing, a direct marketing strategy can be very successful and an important part of an overall marketing campaign. We have experience in planning and executing direct mail programs that generate activity well beyond the typical response rate of 1% to 2%. Years of experience in developing creative designs means we have the system to make sure the final collateral piece you receive from us will match your expectations. Our copy and design group creates the simplest, or the most comprehensive materials in a snap, with efficiency and flexibility:
  • Corporate brochures
  • Rack brochures
  • Newspaper
  • Point of sale materials
  • Promotional items
  • Sales spec sheets
  • Sales folders and inserts
  • Posters
  • Outdoor
  • Hang tags and fact tags
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Chances are, your customers, partners and prospects are talking about your company, your products, your services, and your industry. Are you participating in the conversations? Because you’re the expert in your business you want to make the most of your knowledge online. That’s where we come in, to help you identify and prioritize unique opportunities, educate you in the process or manage the process for you. Social media are essential communications tools, especially in increasing awareness and engaging influencers, but often it’s difficult to track the results of social media efforts. Our approach to social media measurement includes:
  • Establishing benchmarks for social media measurement
  • Tracking sentiment on specific influencer communities
  • Integrating social media measurement with traditional techniques
  • Measuring the influence of blogs, tweets and Facebook “likes”
  • Using Web and search analytics to measure relevance and engagement
  • Conducting analysis of online messages, conversations, and communities
  • Connecting media coverage, Web site traffic and online interaction to business outcomes
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Tight marketing budgets and managing costs are at the heart of all we do. It is results that you are concerned with, and what return was realized on your marketing investment. Getting customers the first time is good, but fine-tuning your marketing program to keep them coming back is great. That’s what we do through smart analytics. Setting specific goals at the onset of the program is critical, and increasing sales and profitability are the bottom line measurements of any marketing program’s success. But, other measures we look at include:
  • Phone inquiries
  • Customer acquisition
  • Website traffic
  • Retail store traffic
  • Web analytics
  • Attitude shift
  • Awareness shift
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We are your outsourced, internal marketing department.